SOFAR: Progressive Innovation with Italian Heritage for over 50 Years

Italians are world renowned for mastering the synergistic blend of art and design with science and technology. This is SOFAR S.p.A.

For 50 years, SOFAR S.p.A has specialized in superior quality pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and medical devices – all to help people live their best, individual lives. We have a long history of innovation and continuous research that we build upon.

Healthcare continues to progress rapidly. In 1968, we saw the future of more sophisticated solutions to health challenges faced by millions. SOFAR began by distributing our own products and those of other companies and we quickly distinguished our company by our ability to offer cutting-edge solutions in healthcare technology, and our responsiveness to physicians’ therapeutic choices as well as patients’ self-treatment needs and goals. It was only natural for us to expand into researching and developing our own line of pharmaceuticals and then dietary supplements and medical devices.

As our reputation for gold-standard research grew, we began to collaborate with prestigious universities. One such collaboration led to our official launch in 2001 into the probiotics market with what would become a product leader in the field of gastroenterology, giving impetus to a supplement sector that was still largely unexplored.

In 2019 SOFAR established a partnership with Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, a national hub dedicated to research and innovation,
in order to create a ground-breaking laboratory for microbiological analyses of the microbiota and probiotics.

Through the years, SOFAR’s core strengths — profound market knowledge and leadership, levering expertise, and maintaining clear vision of the future – have been pillars of excellence. These characteristics have allowed SOFAR to be recognized as a qualified and consolidated presence in the sector. Therefore, in 2007, SOFAR began an intense process of internationalization, to fulfill the goal of globalizing our “Made in Italy” quality of production, eventually establishing ourselves in Europe, the East and the USA.

Today, we are globally entrenched and our brand is among the top 10 in the field of self-medication. For half a century, the values of Competence, Flexibility and Innovation have unwaveringly guided us, enabling us to plan, develop, produce and distribute effective products for human health and well-being.

The Quality Management System of SOFAR is in compliance with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Download certificates…

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Partnership with Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, in order to create a ground-breaking laboratory for microbiological analyses of the microbiota and probiotics.


Sofarfarm S.r.l. is established in Russia



Senhance® obtains US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification


Drinkable Enterolactis® is named Product of the Year in Italy


SOFAR AMERICAS Inc. is established in the USA


Transenterix purchases SOFAR’s robotics division that developed ALF-X®. The “Made in Italy” surgical robot is named Senhance®. At the same time SOFAR becomes one of Transenterix’ major shareholders


SOFAR SWISS SA is founded in Switzerland


SOFARFARM S.r.l. is established in Romania


SOFAR creates its first company abroad by acquiring the Lithuanian company SOVETA BALTICA UAB. and starts its process of internationalization


Cistiflux® dietary supplement is launched. It is currently the market leader in its field


SOFAR creates a new division of robotic surgery, launching the intense R & D activity that will lead to the birth of the ALF-X robot


Enterolactis® is launched, and soon becomes a leader in the probiotics market


SOFAR introduces Pentacol® (mesalazine), which grew to become the best-selling mesalazine in the Italian market and the top-selling product in our GI portfolio


SOFAR launches Sofargen®, a topical dressing containing silver sulfadiazine. The WHO places it in its list of 200 essential drugs

1983 - 1994

SOFAR develops its own line of products, expanding its production to include dietary supplements and medical devices