The expression “some things are greater than the sum of their parts” perfectly describes the forthcoming initiative of the new partnership announced by SOFAR with Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, a national hub dedicated to research and innovation.

This partnership, according to Andrea Biffi, CEO of SOFAR S.p.A., will lead to the creation of a ground-breaking laboratory for microbiological analyses of the microbiota and probiotics; this collaboration will create a national reference site for probiotic research.

The initial investment will be 1.5 million euro and marks an important milestone in SOFAR’s journey in the world of research. “We are happy to become part of the Kilometro Rosso family, an important reference point for those who innovate in Italy,” Biffi comments. “Together, we want to give life to a next-generation model of a research laboratory, highly specialized and able to attract international attention.”

The popular probiotic, Enterolactis, is one of SOFAR’s flagship products, as confirmed by 2018 sales figures. This is just one example that validates SOFAR’s leadership in the vastly growing probiotic marketplace and which has served to motivate pursuing this collaboration.

Salvatore Majorana, director of Kilometro Rosso, confirms the pride in this new collaboration and foresees accelerated innovation in modern healthcare being generated by it.  “This is an important step in strengthening the industrial ecosystem of our technological district,” he remarks.

Majorana adds that the development of the new SOFAR laboratories, alongside the historic presence of the Mario Negri Institute, builds a strong foundation for the creation of an integrated chain in the sector of health and innovative care. “We are excited to be able to welcome such an important and strategically well-aligned protagonist to the mission of Kilometro Rosso, with its commitment to continuous innovation and attention to the territory, and I am sure that together we will be able to build successful collaborations with other local exponents, such as the University of Bergamo and Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital with its FROM Foundation, which is actively involved in clinical research,” he elaborates.

During the May 14 press conference at Kilometro Rosso to announce the initiative, Biffi provided an update about another important commitment SOFAR has made to the Bergamo area. Through participation in the Sporty & Healthy project with SSF, SOFAR has, to date, helped 10 children from the city of Bergamo to be introduced to sporting activities, increasing their health and wellness, as well as their social abilities and self-esteem.