A distinctive element of SOFAR is that we combine economic responsibility with social responsibility for the broader business ecosystem, thus creating both tangible and intangible value.

Satisfying our customers’ needs while also managing the expectations of other stakeholders, including our staff, our suppliers and the reference community, is the best way to grow.

To this end, we have strived to create a business model that respects the principles of sustainability, voluntarism, transparency, quality and integration.



SOFAR is committed to the mindful and efficient use of environmental resources given that they belong to everyone;

SOFAR is committed to the enhancement of our human resources and contributes to the development of the community in which we operate;

SOFAR is committed to sustaining the economic development of our business over time.


SOFAR is committed to putting actions into play that go beyond our legal obligations.


SOFAR is committed to listening and talking to the various direct and indirect stakeholders in our business.


SOFAR is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for both our products and our production processes.


Every business decision is made on the basis of shared objectives and values, resulting in horizontally and vertically coordinated activity within each department and functional area.