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SOFAR Has Leading Presence in Non-Pharmaceuticals

SOFAR has placed number 3 in the top 10 companies in the dietary supplements category of the non-pharmaceuticals sector in Italy, with a market share of 2.7%, according to New Line Market Research.

This data was featured in a recent article, published in Puntoeffe, that provides a detailed analysis of the non-pharmaceutical market. Within this market, the dietary supplements sector is in first place with a 2.6% volume increase and showing a positive growth trend.

Sales of dietary supplements showed increases in almost all the months of 2017, particularly in the first semester. What is driving this growth? More Italians are incorporating dietary supplements as part of their healthy lifestyle routines. According to the article, surveys by Gsk revealed that one in two Italians uses a dietary supplement at least once a year.


Let’s take a closer look at the best-selling dietary supplements in Italy. Probiotics are at the top of the most in-demand supplements, and once again SOFAR leads with two brands among the top 10 in the dietary supplements category. In fact, Enterolactis Plus 20CPS is in 1st place, while Enterolactis 12FL 10ML occupies the 5th spot.

Additionally, our CistiFlux, shown by science to promote healthy urinary tract function, is also noteworthy. In 2017 it was awarded 3rd place in its reference category.